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Team Sport Monitoring

This is the finished product from a series of instructional videos available on Vimeo.  Note that you are only purchasing the file and not access to the videos.  If you wish to view the videos and walk through the construction of this project then please search for Excel Tricks for Sports on Vimeo.  (When purchasing the video series you will get several working files including the finished product)

Sport Scientists use Athlete Monitoring to help understand how their athletes are responding to training. Systems often incorporate wellness, load, medical and performance data. It can be expensive and very challenging to dive right into a commercial software tool so Excel is a perfect platform for you to explore, evolve and prototype your custom monitoring system. This video series, prepared using Excel 2013 for PC, consists of 4.5 hours of content and will walk through the process and concepts from start to finish. At the conclusion of the course you will have working tools that you can use right away. For examples of my work please visit  youtube.com/user/ExcelTricksforSports