Athlete Fitness Workshop

The Athlete Fitness Workshop is an Excel Application that you can use to write fitness training programs – it practically writes the programs for you!!

Check below for a video demo or click HERE to go to Youtube and watch in HD

Choosing exercises from custom lists

You start by visiting the control panel and using the pre-loaded lists or entering your own lists of exercises (in categories of your choice), set-rep schemes, workout types, rest intervals, monitoring questions etc.  Once set up you can use them in each program you write.  There are 1,2,3 and 4 day training options and a program index that organises your programs for you.  Don’t miss out on this tool – it is so cheap it’s practically free!

AFW Control Panel Screenshot

A peek at the control panel page

I am working on a deluxe version of the AFW that uses VBA code to automate reporting, program duplication and program management – stay tuned!

I am also happy to help if you would rather try to build your own system using excel

Click HERE for a YouTube tutorial that will get you started

Or watch below for a YouTube demo of the AFW system – if you follow the link at the top of this page and increase resolution to 720HD you can watch in fullscreen for a better experience